A Burning Man theme camp dedicated to exploring our humanity, both as individuals and as a collective. Guests at our camp are encouraged to listen, think, and express their ideas for improving the human condition.

Prototopia Salons Series

"Forget what you think is feasible, and tell us what is needed. Forget how things are, and speak to us only of how things could be, should be. Only then, will we consider the route to get there". Join us as we discuss how we build equitable and just futures in the present.

:: Chutes and Ladders: pathways and portals to alternative worlds in the age of "no alternatives” - Eric Rogers.

:: Extraterrestrial Geography & Justice - Jessy Kate Shingler / Rachel Lyons

:: The Future of Food, Water and Energy nexus - a full system approach- JP Isham / Advisor to United Nations on Food, Water and Energy Nexus, Environmental and Social Governance Policies and founding member of the United Nations Global Compact

:: Utopian Land Use- Peter Sand

:: Climate justice as an ideology- Olya Irzak

The Game of Life


Grounds for Friendship

Activity where you can connect with strangers on a deeper level by finding Questions of Inquisition, there will be coffee and food too :)


Gratitude circle, where humans have a space to give thanks to each other and to appreciate the people and things in their lives


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Many of our members come from San Francisco communes. For more information on our San Francisco community collective, visit