The Game of Life

An ode to our communities’ board game and Dungeons and Dragons nights and the belief that meaningful transformation can happen through play, we’re bringing a life-sized Game of Life to the playa. Join us in an exploration of the board itself, interacting with strangers, making a lifetime of memories in minutes, and thinking through life choices, both mundane and momentous. Unlike the game you played growing up, this one includes a teaspoon of satire, a sprinkle of nihilism, and your daily recommended dose of critical reflection about the default world.

Grounds for Friendship

Activity where you can connect with strangers on a deeper level by finding Questions of Inquisition, there will be coffee and food too :)

Movement Workshops with Marina

Merging techniques from yoga, contemporary dance, contact improv, and bio-energetics, this workshop will offer an opportunity to express yourself through movement. Participants will explore new ways to move their body through space, connecting with themselves and others, and putting their emotions in motion, and leave with a toolbox of simple routines to take back home and do anytime you feel out of tune in your mind or body. Ecstatic dance workshops: Less guided and more centered on a meditative experience. We will explain Ecstatic Dance, contact improv, and cultural norms, and end with light yoga for 30 minutes.

Forget what you think is feasible, and tell us what is needed. Forget how things are, and speak to us only of how things could be, should be. Only then, will we consider the route to get there". Join us on Wednesday afternoon in the dome as we discuss how we build equitable and just futures in the present.


Gratitude circle, where humans have a space to give thanks to each other and to appreciate the people and things in their lives